Designer Nataly Guevara

Master ShirtMaker, Designer, image consultant and personal stylist

The world of design and fashion awakens our imagination and senses. A tailor made piece of clothing involves more than a personality; it includes knowledge, emotions and feelings transmitted from the creator to whom wears it. Those considerations have developed the fantasies of designers and dressmakers as Nataly Guevara, a young Master Shirt Maker that has been in the Fashion industry for her exceptional talent for more than a decade.

Nataly got her first sewing machine from her grandmother, growing up with an interest in sewing process since an early age; she has achieved degrees and certificates in haute couture and tailoring for men, expressed through drawings, patterns, fabrics, threads and buttons that are combined in unique and inspiring way to exhibit the elegant and cosmopolitan style of ladies and gentleman.

Thanks to her creative sense of fashion, she has developed as designer, image consultant and personal stylist, strengthening her profile as a Venezuelan raising brand in foreign markets such as Miami, Panama, Santo Domingo, Aruba and Bogota by showing her delicate and professional taste in each piece she made.

Nataly Guevara has worked hard to develop designs that reflect current trends, translating styles, needs and tastes of its customers. Each shirt is made with fine fabrics, where the cottons, the Italian, English and Swiss linens, innovative cuts in collars and cuffs are the main characters of her creation.

Camisas Nataly Guevara is a tailor-made luxury shirt firm, since its creation it has been consolidated under the criteria of excellence and perfection, which includes it within the most prestigious design firms in Venezuela, assuming for itself the standards of quality that characterize the exclusive costumes made by world-class designers.

The brand is created by two professionals, Carmen Marina Velásquez and Nataly Guevara, the first of them is a lawyer and businesswoman, business adviser, specialist in public and private contracts, with extensive experience in commercial activity, fulfills the functions of General Manager of the Sign and carry out the positioning of the brand in the national and international market. Nataly Guevara, is the creative director, being an expert in tailoring and garment making, with more than a decade of experience in the art of making custom shirts, she is Designer, Image Consultant and personal stylists.

Renowned personalities wear Nataly Guevara shirts, such as Miguel Sierralta, Leonardo Padrón, Cesar Miguel Rondón, Eduardo Rodríguez Giolitti, Nelson Bustamante, Huascar Barradas, Rafael “Pollo” Brito, Maickel Melamed, recently dressed for the red carpet of the Latin Grammy Gustavo Aguado, Diego Rojas and Luis Fernando Borjas singers of the Super Band of Venezuela Guaco.

The highest satisfaction is guarantee for those whom prefer to stand out with a line of unique shirts, made under the criteria of luxury and innovative designs. The prêt-à-porter collection brings designs for ladies and gentlemen. It will be available for online shopping and worldwide shipping.